Masterplanning Futures


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Masterplanning Futures
Royal Institute of British Architects
July 10, 2012
Lucy Bullivant (FRIBA) moderator

This lecture was filled with little gems of inspiration for me. This post is a collection (mishmash) of thoughts from the lecture, paraphrased at best, and perhaps also mixed with my own interpretation.

Define Masterplanning.

Its about designing the voids, spaces between the buildings. A master plan is also a way of planning time: the way a city is built and how it adapts over many years. - Florian Beigel, Architecture Research Unit (ARU)

If you think you are a ‘Master’planner, you’re really just a mercenary. Architects are losing more power every year. But really, what is more egotistical? ‘Master’planning or ‘Planning’? I think planning because it is less specific. - Renier de Graaf, OMA

Masterplanning is about merging built environment with the natural environment in new and exciting ways. It’s about working with geography. – Gines Garrido, Burgos & Garrido, Madrid

As a designer, would you want to design a master plan from a blank slate, or in a densely populated area?

Master planning in the traditional sense is dead, because there is rarely a tabula rasa. Urbanisation has almost obliterated that opportunity. Today, they are designing bridges between buildings and spaces, which is even more interesting than a blank slate. – Andrea Boschetti, ARU

Utopia used to be dangerous. Now it is not dangerous… But it is perhaps even more dangerous that way than anything else. We need to get back to the dangerous planning. – Reinier de Graaf, OMA

A masterplan with a single function that is made from a tabula rasa is not a city. It’s a development. If you have to drive very far to your home after work, that is not a city or a masterplan. This is why tabula rasa with respect to masterplanning so often fails, because of zones. – Phillip Christou, ARU

What’s the most important part of Masterplanning?

Time is more important than the space when it comes to planning infrastructure. – Andrea Boschetti, Metrogramma

“Spatial Experience, that is our mission as architects.” – Florian Beigel, ARU

Modern master planning lies in the human spirit: the way we react to spaces and what we discover on a walk, helps us discover more about ourselves. - Andrea Boschetti ARU

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