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Social media has completely changed the landscape of photography.

Photography is a balance of art and observation. If the art of photography is the way one sees the world, then it has very little to do with camera equipment or editing software, and much more to do with the eye.

The most important part of your camera are the 12 inches behind it. – Ansel Adams

To give credit to a camera for a gorgeous work of photography is like giving credit to a bathtub for a gorgeous bathroom design. The equipment enhances the artist’s vision. So now my most commonly used camera, the camera I take with me everywhere, is the camera that is connected to the internet. (Why Nikon and Canon haven’t figured this out yet is beyond me. All cameras should connect to the internet.)

I took this photo of Westminster from a bus. The internet and social media sites like Instagram are like a personal gallery with free admission for all. Wandering into other photographers’ online galleries gives me inspiration. The trick is that photographers no longer have to labor for years to share their best work in a gallery, but now are able to artistically edit and share immediately.

Photos are getting better, faster, because of sites like Instagram. Photographers are getting instant feedback through likes and comments. Editing is much faster and the process of taking photos off a camera to store on your computer or print, will soon be completely eliminated.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots all taken and edited with my iPhone. I also used my iPhone to blog this. Nikon, take note.

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