School in Uganda Fundraiser


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We attended a fundraising event to raise money for a school McAslan + Partners has designed for Uganda. They are looking to raise just £25,000 to get the project started and change the life of many underprivileged children in the African nation.

The event was a glimpse into the charity’s profound effect on students as they invited students from Primary School to travel to Uganda and tour the site. Those students each gave presentations during the fundraiser and then received awards for their outstanding academic efforts. These children were given a unique opportunity to perform and excel because of this charity. 

Photo at left: Designer Esteban Colmeneres explaining the intelligent roof design of the school, which allows for natural light and ventilation. McAslan + Partners builds an entire school for just under £20,000 by using locally sourced materials, simple construction, and local builders.

McAslan + Partners has designed many charitable projects worldwide from rebuilding a market in Haiti, to schools in Malawi.



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