L-System ScriptExploded AxonometricCrumpled Paper BuildingBird's Eye ViewBird's Eye ViewInterior Showing Integrated SystemsInterior Showing Integrated Circulation

Adaptive Systems

This studio was based on generative scripting and integrated building systems. I used the L-System branching script and several structural study models, I concluded that there is an natural structural quality through tension and highly iterated patterns.

Branching systems are a natural example of structural and networking systems.

The curves generated by the L-System script are used to define a structural system that allows for mechanical systems to be housed within the facade, as well as floor plates that bend and meet the structure.  The manipulated floor plates generate a potential for vertical circulation within the facade system, rather than in a typical building core. Where the structure comes together, it becomes thicker and floor beams connect at these joints. Because of the nature of the L-System script, the floor to floor height varies based on the generative structure.

Each architectural system is in a permanent reactionary state to the building’s form.