Haus in Germany 2

I designed two completely different options for the client containing generally the same floor plan. The concept for Haus Option 2 revolved around the dichotomy of heavy and light: a heavy mass supported by lightness, with an energetic roof line that works to frame the building.

This design allowed me to use local stone materials and integrate a sloped roof to tie the home into the surrounding environment.

The massing was a challenge because the concept of heaviness supported by lightness is not often found in nature. By using glass and other highly-reflective materials, these surfaces reflected their environment, giving the impression of lightness. The massive elements reading as “heavy” were light-absorbing materials such as rough-cut stone. Rather than blending by reflecting light, they stand out as massive and monolithic. The dichotomy of both materials was a success, producing a building that very much looks like a massive rock supported by air and light.