House for a Pornographer

This project is about objectification: the program becomes an object. The hallway objectifies circulation, thus the floor ramps very subtley so as to make the occupant aware of the movement. The bathroom objectifies the notion of cleansing with water flowing down the 40′ high walls and skylights bathing the surfaces in light. The bed isn’t a room, but an activity. The bed is located in a circulation space, rather than a private area of the home. It is no longer confined to the proportions of one or two bodies, but is a generous 40′ long, allowing for many more activities. At one end, the bedroom embodies the notion of sleeping with low ceiling height and a sliver window, much like a cave and crevice, but in section, the shape of the bedroom area mimics a movie theatre, opening up to the culmination at the end: a movie screen.

The lawn is reduced to one element for pleasure. It is elevated from framed by a shallow curb: a lawn on a pedestal. The living area acts as a storefront, the act of living on display. The window is angled slightly light a storefront, the floor is elevated like a stage to an audience. The front entry door confronts the public by spilling out onto the pavement: an opening, an invitation.