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Swarm Stadia

The design intention was to use extreme scalar differentiation as a method to produce a formal discord that can be introduced as a new aesthetic of beauty. Using an aggressive micro-scale texture as ornament unifies the macro-scale structural logic of the system. Ornament is not only used as a method to unify the separate architectural components, but they also present opportunities for the materialization of functional behaviours. For instance, seating, stairs, and railing emerge from the ornamental morphology of the building without breaking the aesthetic dynamic of the overall composition.

The Swarm Stadium unravels the interiority of traditional stadium architecture and becomes an ornamental framing mechanism for a sport. Traditional sports arenas explicitly separate the interior from the exterior. Swarm Stadium exposes the playing field to the terraced parking and tailgating areas, and uses the traditional American pasttime of tailgating as a window to introduce soccer to American culture. As American spectators grow accustomed to the sport by developing team rivalries and favourite players, the desire to purchase seats closer to the action will develop among the spectators, therefore drawing people into Swarm Stadium.