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Thailand Resort

This Resort in Natai, Thailand is a luxury resort made up of 82 villas, each with their own private terrace and pool. Catering to a high-end clientèle, the resort is a mixture of palpable sensuality and ultimate relaxation.

The elevation change over the entire site, as well as the two parallel burms enabled each villa to face outward and have a view of the ocean rather than the typical high-walled, inward facing luxury villas of Thailand. The central valley is occupied by a shallow stream which yields opportunity for a gentle sound of water to emanate through the valley.

As project designer for this resort, I was responsible for executing the masterplan and the design and drawings of each individual villa. Drawings were taken through to permit sets, then transferred to a project architect in Thailand for EIA approval. I travelled to Europe for client meetings with Marcel Wanders. I also video conferenced with tecArchitecture’s Hong Kong office regularly, and the Thailand project architect as well.